Check Yo' Ponytail 2
POSTED ON Tuesday May 8th, 2012

There is a complexity to Chelsea Wolfe that exists between her shy personality and dramatic onstage persona. With an echoing vibrato and skeletal guitar work, Wolfe’s arrangements take hints from raw blues, folk, and even death metal to round out the tonality of her electric folk arrangements. Hopelessly tragic, her voice remains intimately close, as to provide warmth to the cold and expansive lanscapes she creates. With a dissonant charm and a lush sonic palate, Wolfe strives to focus on the truth of life’s complexities, resulting in a well balanced mix of beauty and darkness that is tonally elaborate and beautifully cinematic.

Chelsea Wolfe will be performing at Check Yo Ponytail one week from today on Tuesday, May 15th at the Echoplex. She will be joined by Light Asylum, Tearist, Violet Tremors, and Slow Motion DJs.

Tickets are available HERE.