Check Yo' Ponytail 2

Today, we’re very excited to present the newest edition to our Check Yo Ponytail Mixtape series from Superhumanoids! The mix serves as a beautiful soundscape of funky beats and serenading synths set to the sweet vocals of Grimes, Sampha, and Kelela among others! You can rest assured these sexy vibes will carry over to tomorrow’s CYP2 so don’t fight the urge to slow dance with the girl across the room.


We’ve been waiting anxiously for our first CYP2 of 2014 with L.A. locals Superhumanoids, James Supercave, and Dead Times tomorrow night at the Echoplex. Be sure to get hooked up with this free mix and tickets to the show. Check out the full track listing for Superhumanoids Check Yo Ponytail Mix after the jump.



Gesaffelstein / Destinations
Clams Casino / Haunt
D33J / Park (Tape Version)
Jacques Greene / Can’t Get Close (Sampha JG Edit)
Four Tet / Human Once Again (Grimes)
Jon Hopkins / Open Eye Signal (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Moderat / Versions
Girl Unit / Ensemble (Club Mix)
Kelela / Do It Again
Nguzunguzu / Skycell
Evian Christ / Salt Carousel
Burial / Hiders

Today, we launched our Check Yo Ponytail Get Amongst It Kickstarter in effort to raise enough money to complete the full length documentary. Our friends at Pitchfork premiered our pledge based campaign that will offer awesome rewards for those who donate. We always strive to produce unique experiences for our fans so we’ve offered: a private studio session with Switch, a live performance by Spank Rock and The Death Set at your house party, a personal portrait of yourself from Pictureplane and many more incredible rewards. We’ll be updating our Kickstarter with more awesome rewards as the campaign evolves so stay tuned!


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Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.39.44 PM
Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.41.06 PM

We’re very excited to announce that today we launch the Check Yo Ponytail Kickstarter for our feature length documentary Get Amongst It: The Story of the First Check Yo Ponytail Tour! This project has been in  the works for almost two years and now we need your help to bring it to completion. The movie documents the trials and successes of the first national CYP tour which brought Spank RockBig FreediaPictureplane, and The Death Set to audiences across the country. The film serves as a case study of what it takes to launch a DIY tour and build a brand in the current music industry landscape.


We’ve set our Kickstarter goal at $35,000 and hope to surpass this in our month long campaign with your help. In return for your pledges, you’ll recieve awesome rewards that include awesome experiences and prizes such as a private DJ lesson with renowned producer Switch, Spank Rock and The Death Set performing LIVE at your house party,  free IHEARTCOMIX shows for one year, A-Trak’s Hat, and 12th Planet’s autographed shoes just to name a few. If you’ve been to our legendary flagship series Check Yo Ponytail 2, you understand that it’s “More Than A Show” but an experience synthesizing art, music, visual design and a visceral party vibe that is sensory stimulating. Watch the Get Amongst It teaser trailer and Kickstarter introduction by Franki Chan to understand the importance of this unique documentary.


We’re very excited to announce we’ve teamed up with our friends Mishka and Demonbabies to make limited edition CYP2 3 Year Anniversary tees to comemorate this landmark event. There are two different styles available that can be purchased at the show or on the IHEARTCOMIX webstore so swoop up this one of kind shirt today to support your favorite concert series! Don’t forget your tickets for the CYP2 Three Year Anniversary with Alice Glass (DJ Set), Andrew W.K., Youth Code, Franki Chan + Special Guests hosted by Chuck Inglish at the Echoplex!

Tickets available HERE.


On November 19th, Check Yo Ponytail is very pleased and very proud to celebrate THREE YEARS of getting amongst it in Los Angeles It’s hard to believe that time goes by so quickly sometimes, but here we are alive, well and ready to party harder than ever before. This year’s celebration will feature a DJ set from Crystal Castle’s Alice Glass, a riot inducing set from Andrew W.K.Chuck Inglish from Cool Kids on the mic, and a punishing CYP2 introduction to Youth Code. If that wasn’t enough party for you, we have plenty of secret special guests stopping by to get amongst it. Tickets will be on sale this Friday, October 11th at 10am. Do not sleep on this, Los Angeles. You will always regret not partying hard with us. Promise.

Tickets will be available HERE.


Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 12.28.24 PM

Watch “More Than A Show: The First Two Years of Check Yo Ponytail,” chronicling our iconic concert series as it embarks on the first ever Check Yo Ponytail Tour throughout the United States. The mini-doc premiered on the Hollywood Reporter and features Franki Chan, Spank Rock, Big Freedia, The Death Set, and Pictureplane. Watch the full mini-doc below!

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This is a very exciting day: The new Check Yo Ponytail 2 website has arrived!

Welcome to our new website! This has been a project almost a year in the making and it’s pretty cool the day has finally come that we get to share the new vision for Check Yo Ponytail with all of you!

In 2010 when Danny Johnson, owner of Top Shelf Management, Media Contender and my partner in CYP2, and I decided to resurrect Check Yo Ponytail from the grave (it was a party I did from 2006-2008, hence the ’2′), the idea was that when it came back it had to be something that no one had ever seen… we just didn’t know what yet.

We knew there needed to be a new vision for what a show could be. We also knew we wanted to put a spotlight on and make an archive for what Check Yo Ponytail had been (since the original run seemed to mean a lot to people, including me). So, it was decided that we needed to build a website to go along with the return of the event series! Jeff Tovar, who was Danny’s web guy, and I got to work.

We started on the website months before the first show was ever booked. Whatever we were building was going to define what was going to come after, but we still really weren’t sure what that was. We came up with several graphic concepts and ways to organize things that I thought were pretty neat and for the time, the site was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. It was a lot of work and so cool to see all the old flyers and photos in one place and very exciting to have a template set up that was about to define our future.

At the time, my company, IHEARTCOMIX, wasn’t doing so hot. It (and I) had lost direction a bit and bringing back Check Yo Ponytail gave me a new sense of purpose. I put everything I had into it and what blossomed out of that was beyond my expectations!

Over the last 2+ years, CYP2 has become a phenomenon in it’s own right. We’ve been able to do shows with many of todays (and yesterday’s) best artists, everyone from Grimes to Trash Talk to Skrillex to the fucking Rolling Stones!! We’ve done Check Yo Ponytail events around the country, CYP Festival stages, a Check Yo Ponytail Tour, have an ongoing CYP show on Pitchfork TV and are even making a movie! If someone would have told me even one of those things would have happened at the time we decided to bring CYP2 back, I wouldn’t have believed them. Not for a second.

But all those things did happen. And Check Yo Ponytail evolved in what it is and how it looks and that beautiful website we had built no longer represented what Check Yo Ponytail 2 had turned into. We needed something new. We needed something that can define who we are now and something that leaves enough room for us to grow to whatever may come next…

So here it is! The new Check Yo Ponytail 2 website! It’s a beauty in her own right and really fucking exciting to look at. We’ve done away with the blog (since all editorial in on now) and decided to focus on what Check Yo Ponytail does best: Content.

Look around! There is so much to explore in the form of videos, mixtapes, photos, flyers, merch and shows! Hope you like it as much as we do. HUGE THANKS goes out to our web master, Jacob Cooper, for building this baby and ZONDERS for helping me with the design. We are forever in your debts.

I also want to thank Trevor Banta & The entire CYP2 video crew, Alexander Burkart aka Zonders, Jesus Rivera aka Demonbabies, Zane Landreth, Conrad Loebl, Spencer, Caesar Sebastian, Ellei Johndro, Scion, Mishka, The Echoplex (and all the staff there) and everyone else that has ever helped with CYP2 since it’s come back. We wouldn’t have made it nearly this far without all of your help and support. God knows we don’t pay well!

Many, many rad things on the horizon for the land of Check Yo Ponytail 2 and this will be your #1 place to find out about them.

See you at the shows!
Franki Chan