Check Yo' Ponytail 2
POSTED ON Friday December 28th, 2012

We’ve had one hell of a year at Check Yo Ponytail. So many great shows with ridiculous memories and tons of friends both new and old. In January, we had Fool’s Gold takeover on my birthday, followed by Skrillex and friends the day after. In February, Com Truise headlined his first Check Yo Ponytail and Das Racist brought a rooster to the club. In March, we took on SXSW by throwing SUPER PARTY, our own radical festival with a bit of help from Mad Decent and Fool’s Gold. In April, James Ferraro brought a motorcycle on stage.

In June, we curated our own stage at Electric Forest in Michigan. In July, Big Freedia brought her Nola Bounce to LA for Independence Day; and later that month, the punk and rap crowds united for Trash Talk and Spaceghostpurrp.

August brought the Very Best and LA local, Tokimonsta to the Echoplex stage followed by some much needed rest in September. We got based in October with Riff Raff & Kitty Pryde, followed by our radical 2 Year Anniversary party in November with Andrew W.K., Icona Pop, and Diamond Rings, and a suprise from Skrillex.

Thanksgiving week brought the more vibed out side of Odd Future with The Internet; and as the holidays started to set in, we were graced by a candlelit performance from How to Dress Well. To top off the year on our final show, our good friends Trash Talk joined forces with Odd Future’s, Mellowhype, to give the punk and rap kids exactly what they wanted…one last chance to rage before the apocalypse.

Before we share some more of our favorite moments of 2012, all of us at CYP2 would like to thank each and every one of you that attended any one of our many shows throughout the year. You are the reason we are able to continue putting on shows that feature eccentric, inspiring, and sometimes legendary artists that we are fortunate enough to present. With that said, here are a few of our favorite moments from throughout the year.

Skrillex Takes over CYP2 w/ 12th Planet, Caspa, and Diplo

Das Racist rap with a rooster before it’s rescued by Pictureplane.


Pictureplane throws an inflatable shark into the crowd during 12th Planet’s set at Electric Forest

Bounce for America with Big Freedia and the Divas

Killer Mike gets real for a minute

Grimes throws a dance party

Demonbabies gets Major Lazer’d at Electric Forest

…and one more special one with Kid Sister and the CYP2 Audience singing Happy Birthday to me during the Fool’s Gold Takeover in January (complete with Tron cake)!


POSTED ON Friday March 30th, 2012

We are finally back in LA and my does it feel good to be home. The past few weeks have been complete madness, as the Check Yo Ponytail crew & extended family caused quite the stir in Austin and Miami this year. As you can recall, Check Yo Ponytail teamed up with Mad Decent, and Fool’s Gold to bring the epic SUPER PARTY to the brand new Emo’s and Beauty Ballroom. The result was an incredible 14 hours of pure party with incredible performances from some of today’s best artists.

Tons of great photos and reviews are coming in. Here are a few links to press from the SUPER PARTY. SPIN wrote up a review filled with great photos here and here. Chelsea from The Hundreds was also in attendance a gave us another look at the party and included pictures of Andrew WK’s awesome pizza guitar! welikeitindie sent us some great polaroids as well. Additionally, here are a few more galleries from Stereogum and Le Panda. Enjoy some of the memories, and be on the lookout for our official video and photo recaps in the days to come.

We have some great shows coming up back in Los Angeles over the next few weeks. On April 10th, CYP2 will play host to Oh Land w/ Blood Orange and Trust. Later that month, Hype Williams will perform and Gatekeeper will make their second appearance on the Check Yo stage. If that wasn’t enough, Tiga will be appearing with Damian Lazarus on May 3, and Light Asylum will return to headline on May 15th with Chelsea Wolfe and Tearist. What a crazy few months it will be. Check below for tickets and stay tuned for more information on these artists and more.

April 10: Oh Land / Blood Orange / Trust – Tickets available HERE.
April 24: Hype Williams / Gatekeeper – Tickets Available HERE.
May 3: Tiga / Damian Lazarus / Light Year – Tickets Available HERE.
May 15: Light Asylum / Chelsea Wolfe – Tickets available HERE.


POSTED ON Thursday December 1st, 2011

As Dan Walker picked himself out of the drum kit and off the floor on the Death Set’s final show of the tour, a sigh of relief came over us. We were in New York and the show was absolute insanity, packed with our largest audience yet. It was crazy to think that it almost never happened.

Anyone who has ever been to an airport knows that it can be a real hassle. After awhile, the expensive coffee and bothersome TSA agents become tolerable, but the one thing no one can stand is a late takeoff. Lucky for us, we arrive at the airport bright and early to find that our flight was delayed. The blizzard that day in New York resulted in flights being cancelled at an alarming rate. We were able to board our plane and find our seats, but a quick message from the flight attendant explained that our plane would not be taking off until they heard back from the controller in an hour. That hour turned into another one, and then another one until eventually we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Our sound check was at 9pm. It was becoming very apparent that we wouldn’t make it in time. Everyone grabbed their things, exited the plane, and thus began 12 hours of uncertainty. Canceled flight = Canceled show.

A few hours of deliberation and our flights were sorted. We would indeed make it to New York. After spending the rest of the day occupying the bar at the Wolfgang Puck, we changed gates and were almost ready to depart. It was a miracle that all 20 of us were able to get on the last flight to New York. We were on track to do just that until one of the flight attendants went up to Dan Walker and asked him to step off the plane. None of us had any idea what was happening. All we could think is “What now?”. By this point, we would be arriving in New York at 11:30pm. No soundcheck. Straight to the stage. Freedia threatening to tear the plane up if they didn’t let Dan back on was only a half joke. A few minutes go by and Dan Walker was back on the plane followed by another gentleman coincidentally named, Dan Walker. The airplane had issued the same ticket because they thought the Dans were one in the same. Finally, after all the frustration and confusion, the airplane doors shut and we were bound for New York.

It was midnight, and the show had already started by the time we landed at LaGuardia. The Check Yo Ponytail crew raced to baggage claim and out to the curb to pile into 6 taxis headed straight for Brooklyn Bowl. The Brooklyn Bowl was an incredible warehouse space that was half live music venue and half bowling alley. While the lanes were closed for the night, the dance floor was already packed with people who trekked the storm and were ready to dance the night away.

Since we arrived so late, Franki Chan opted out of his DJ set to get the show back on schedule, or close to it anyways. Travis Egedy frantically set up his equipment and jumped right into Real is a Feeling. Although Demonbabies was still competing with the technical setup of the projections, Pictureplane and Raw Acid marched forth and instantly everyone was under their electric spell. The Halloween weekend crowd did not disappoint us. Everyone was in motion, exactly where they wanted to be.

The Death Set in their Check Yo Finale was truly a site to be seen. The hometown crowd was at full force, with locals diving from the stage and shouting every lyric along the way. Their set at home had to be one of one of their best all tour and seeing them smile as they performed in front of all their NYC friends was unforgettable. By the time Dan crashed into the drum kit at the very end, the audience had thrashed and raged themselves to oblivion. The Death Set in New York were kings, and it was a privilege to be amongst royalty.

The Death Set weren’t the only ones with a following in New York. It seems as though Big Freedia has a legion of Divas ready to shake it to the floor whenever she rolls into town. The Queen and her many Divas gave the audience what they came for, occupying the stage with the fiercest look in everyone’s eyes and the booty shaking chops to match. Even Smurfette held her own up there.

Everyone was alive and ready for Spank Rock by the time the last Diva bounced off the stage. When Naeem and Johhny Nelson grabbed the mics, hands shot to the air and the audience lost control. Spank Rock rallied through his set, solid on every verse. Johnny Nelson, who was also playing to his hometown crowd, slayed his performance of Bodybag when he went at it with Ninjasonik. The set may have been at 3 in the morning, but the audience gave it their all. Spank Rock could only do the same.

It was a crazy day for the Check Yo Ponytail crew with an even crazier finish. Although we had to say our goodbyes to Johnny Siera and (The Real) Dan Walker, we were thankful for the chance to rage with the Death Set that one last night, surrounded by friends both new and old. The tour was now on a short break, so everyone headed their separate ways to piece back their sanity and prepare themselves for the last two shows. Austin and Miami were going to be difficult to top, but after a day of difficult airports, difficult weather, and all the other things that happened, there’s nothing that could stop us from getting amongst it.

P.S. Glasnost NYC filmed this great recap at Brooklyn Bowl with interviews from the artists as well as some additional footage from the show. Enjoy!