Check Yo' Ponytail 2
POSTED ON Monday May 14th, 2012

Although she calls Los Angeles home, Chelsea Wolfe is no stranger to the road. With multiple tours throughout the US and Europe, Chelsea has certainly made her presence know both on and off record, having performed in some truly unique spaces along the way. Below are a few great features on Chelsea Wolfe that tend to stray off the beaten path in search of something more, providing an extensive look at her beautifully mesmerizing live performance.

In this first selection, Wolfe’s aesthetic was fully realized in this highly stylized and well produced piece for Incase’s Room 205 series. Here, Wolfe and her band perform the track Movie Screen, off her most recent album, Ἀποκάλυψις (Apokalypsis).

Shot during her travels to Belgium, Wolfe performs a very intimate version of Flatlands in an isolated cave. Armed with just an acoustic guitar, Wolfe showcases her strength as a songwriter in this rare, stripped down performance with the natural surroundings perfectly enhancing Wolfe’s focused guitar as her voice echoes graciously throughout the cavernous locale.

In this last video, Wolfe returns home to Los Angeles to perform a studio session at Gallery 3209. Having returned to her beautiful electric drone, Wolfe performs Halfsleeper; an endless floating lullaby with a washed out, textural atmosphere.

Tomorrow, you’ll be able to catch Chelsea Wolfe perform live at Check Yo Ponytail. Joining her will be Light Asylum, returning to make their headlining debut, as well as Tearist, Violet Tremors, and Slow Motion DJs.

Tickets are available HERE.