Check Yo' Ponytail 2
POSTED ON Friday May 11th, 2012

Last year took Los Angeles based noisemakers, Tearist, for quite the ride. The joint project from Yasmine Kittles and No Age’s William Strangeland finally saw the release of their debut (and live) LP, Living: 2009 – Present; receiving great reviews from places like Pitchfork as well as a cover story in LA Weekly. Kittles, an outspoken and vivacious personality, can been seen on stage striking a collection of scrap metal pieces routed through delay pedals, all the while her echoing melodic shouts attack and decay prominently throughout Strangeland’s rigid beat foundation and scattered synth lines. The result is an impressive contrast between structure and chaos that is intriguingly obscure, and thankfully never reserved.

Tearist will be performing at Check Yo Ponytail this Tuesday, May 15th. They will be joining Light Asylum, Chelsea Wolfe, Violet Tremors, and Slow Motion DJs.

Tickets are available HERE.


POSTED ON Monday February 6th, 2012

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, Com Truise surprised us with a little bit of computer love by way of a new exclusive mixtape just for you. This latest addition is a meandering wash of retro-futuristic selections, infused with kraut rhythms and hints of new wave that are seamlessly sewn into his own discography. These shimmering synth cuts combined with Com’s slow motion funk create a spacial, nostalgic experience that remains sensual and endearing while searching for synthetic warmth in the vast and open digital realm.

Com Truise will be performing at Check Yo Ponytail tomorrow, February 7th. Joining him will be CYP2 alumini Teengirl Fantasy, as well as Soft Metals and Green Horse. Tickets are available here.


1. VHS 1
2. Wutendes Glas
3. VHS 2
4. Advisory Circle – Sundial
5. Boards of Canada – Iced Cooly
6. New Order – This Time Of Night (Live)
7. Skinny Boys – Unity
8. Harry Forbes – Technicality No. 3
9. Andy Clark – Fat Cats
10. Das Kabinette – Fudge It
11. The Fashion – Future Girl (Instrumental)
12. Dave Jackson – Mini Logos 4
13. Jeff Newmann – Future Design
14. International Music System – Dancing Therapy
15. Com Truise – A DAT 2
16. Com Truise – A DAT 3
17. Steve Everitt – Breakdance
18. Luis Jardim – Soul Train
19. Com Truise – I dream (For you)
20. Mark J. Cairns – Airwolf Theme


POSTED ON Wednesday April 13th, 2011

By now you’ve all heard about our stacked double header next week at Check Yo Ponytail with Holy Ghost! and the Go! Team. What you may not know is that IHEARTCOMIX is bringing some retro/fire to the table as well. Opening day one are everyones favorite synthwave warriors, Futurecop! and day two features the return of the original journeyman, Juiceboxxx.

Hailing from the UK, Futurecop! breathe a new life into their childhood memories by creating spaced out, sci-fi, synth tracks filled with a dream like essence that would be the perfect soundtrack to an 80’s television space adventure. The density in their sonic presentation is warm and full, while their visual aesthetic is vibrant and colorful.

Juiceboxxx is the epitome of a modern highway warrior. With Bruce Springstein as his spirit animal, Juiceboxxx’s workingman honesty shines through in his raps about living life on the road and staying true to yourself and what you love. His true form, Americana spirit transforms every one of his productions into raw lyrical fire that is more gospel than rap. A true showman at heart, expect to see him rap anywhere from your local burger spot to full blown tours with Public Enemy.

Catch Futurecop! and Juiceboxx at the back to back Check Yo Ponytails next week. Tickets available here and here respectively.