Check Yo' Ponytail 2

In the fall of 2011, Check Yo Ponytail embarked on it's first National Tour. The tour featured Spank Rock, Big Freedia, Pictureplane, The Death Set and Franki Chan, as well as visuals by Demonbabies. The tour was 10 dates long over the course of 3 weeks and was full of many adventures, chaos and crazy moments. There is currently a feature length documentary being made about the CYP Tour called 'Get Amongst It: The Story of The First Check Yo Ponytail Tour'. More details can be found on the MOVIE page of this website.

There are more CYP Tours in the works, stayed tuned to this page for details!

10/20: Los Angeles, CA @ Mayan Theatre

10/21: San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine

10/22: San Diego, CA @ Voyeur

10/25: Denver, CO @ Summit

10/26: Portland, OR @ Branx

10/27: Seattle, WA @ Nuemos

10/28: Chicago, IL @ Mid

10/29: Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl

11/4: Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun Fest

11/5: Miami, FL @ Grand Central